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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's All This Talk About "Five Guys"

Is it just another burger joint? I've heard nothing but good things about Five Guys, the 23-year old burger chain that started in Arlington, VA. We've got three locations here in the Salt Lake Valley: Sandy, Midvale, and West Valley. The burgers are delicious and with over 250,000 ways to order one here, it would be pretty tough not to find something you like. Five Guys only uses fresh meat, never frozen. I guess that's a big deal??? And you won't find any oil except for peanut oil anywhere in the store. After reading up a bit on Wikipedia.org about peanut oil, i found that peanut oil is also a big deal like Ron Burgundy. According to Wikipedia: "Peanut Oil is a monounsaturated fat, as such it may be substituted into a diet to reduce the negative health effects of eating trans fat and saturated fat." If you haven't checked out those negative effects in a while, you might wanna do so. The food is fantastic and Five Guys is doing us all a favor by keeping it healthy. Thank you Five Guys. Anyway, try the burger with A1 sauce and the fries, cajun style. You won't be disappointed.

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Rachel said...

I love Five Guys.. You should put more then ONE post on your blog at a time. So I can see more fabulous places to eat!!


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