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Friday, December 19, 2008

Musumeci's Italian Deli

I have to admit i don't think i would have entered this hole-in-the-wall deli had it not been for a good friend of mine, Jonathan Tietz. We were in downtown Salt Lake when he suggested we grab a sandwich.

First of all, we couldn't even find the place. He hadn't been there for a long time. We drove around the block twice because we kept passing it.  Then, once we found it, we opened the front door and had to walk down a sketchy hallway to this mafia-style back dining room where only two customers were seated eating some pasta. So then we both had to go to the bathroom pretty bad so we go down into the basement where the bathroom was. Water was dripping from a pipe above the ancient, rusted out toilet. There was a bucket placed on the side of the toilet under the leak. Wedged between the pipe and the wall was an old paper cup folded and creased just right so the water would trickle down it and fall directly into the bucket.  Needless to say, the bathroom experience didn't help with the feeling of remorse that had been creeping up on me since i entered this hole!  I recommitted myself with some self talk by telling myself i had probably eaten in worse places while on my mission in Costa Rica.

So next we enter the ordering area where it looks like a father and heavy-set son, in his 30's, are busy cooking up pasta and cleaning up the place. I walk up to the counter, and as i always do when visiting a new restaurant, i ask the son what he recommends. Out of his mouth came the most dreaded words an abnormally indecisive person could ever anticipate, "Everythings good."  I was thinking, "Why thank you so much Mr. Helpful!" Anyway, i could tell he was probably tiring a little from working in a sandwich shop for his father for the past 15 years.  I brushed off his abrasiveness because i felt had no idea the hell he'd been through.  So i said to myself, "Screw it! I'll just take whatever Jonathan gets." And that's what i did. I ended up with a pastrami sandwich topped with provolone.  I ordered some banana peppers and a few other veggies to put on the sandwich as well, but i was done with this guy.  I just wanted to eat quick and get out.

We were told to wait in the dining area and our food would be brought out to us.  The guy that looked like the father ended up bringing the food out and proudly placed each sandwich down on our table. We dug in!

The sandwiches was delicious. This place uses all sorts of imported meats and cheeses. The bread was soft and tasty.  I'd like to go back to try some of the pastas. 

In my opinion, this isn't a place to take a date. It's more of the type of place you go if you ever need to order a hit on someone or discuss some other type of illegitimate business deal you don't want anyone overhearing you talking about. Of course i say all this in jest.

Musumeci's definitely could use a facelift, but it has character. It's a little on the dirty side. I'm not sure how far above the cutoff they were when the health inspectors came by, but they've been in business for 15 years. The food was great and i didn't notice any sicknesses or strange growths on my body after eating there. It was a memorable experience, and there aren't a ton of places you can go these days to have such a unique dining experience. Go check them out! It really is delicious food for a reasonable price.

For more info: click here!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


There is a new smoothie joint in town! Say goodbye to Jamba Juice. Ok, maybe I shouldn't dis on Jamba. Although, I don't recall ever having a
smoothie from Jamba Juice that I ever loved. Roxberry hasn't let me down either of the two times i've been! For all my Bountiful friends, Roxberry is a lot like Keva Juice!

Roxberry has 100%-fruit smoothies and 100% pure orange and carrot juice for all the health conscious people out there.  You've got smoothies like Pomegranate Perfection, Mango Magic, and Simply Peach (All 100% fruit. No sherbet!)

For those of you that don't mind a little sherbet, you've got Passion
Paradise, LOL Lime, Raspberry Rush and about twenty other Options to
choose from made with an assortment of sherbet, fruit, and juices.

My Favorite??? Passion Paradise for sure! It has passionfruit-mango juice,
strawberries, peaches, and orange sherbet. It is more on the sweet
side, but has a little tartness to it too, if you like that sort of thing.

If you're not in a fruity mood, they have P-Nut Butter Blast,
Chocolate Crave, or Rootbeer Freeze. They also sell freshly baked
rolls and homemade jam!!!

I've only been twice, but each time was delicious! I would highly
recommend trying it out. The prices are reasonable for a smoothie joint and they really know how to blend. Raspberry Rush and Passion Paradise are both
delicious! I'd be interested to see what you think of some of the
other smoothies and treats they have. Enjoy!

For locations: Click Here
For the menu: Click Here

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Favorite Eating Establishment - Bombay House

I thought it was about time to do a post about my favorite restaurant in Utah... The Bombay House in Provo right across from the Provo Library. We have eaten here three times in the last couple months. Everything 
is delicious! I'm no expert on Indian food so I can't compare it to any other Indian restaurants.  All i can say is everything is FILLED with flavor.

The first dish i ever had her
e was the Chicken Tikka Masala which is a "boneless chicken barbecued in tandoor oven, then cooked with bell pepper, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cream and spices." Very Very tasty. Really good accompanied with the Indian flat bread they serve called "Naan" or the "Onion Naan."

The last two times i've been to Bombay House i've ordered Chicken Makhani -- boneless tandoori chicken cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cashews, cream, and spices. This dish is very similar to th
e Tikka Masala, but i like it a little bit better. I don't know why so don't ask.

Rachel always orders the Chicken Curry which is also very flavorful, and a little bit different from the Makhani and the Tikka Masala. The curry is cooked with boneless chicken, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and curry spices. It isn't as creamy as the other two dishes. 

I know it doesn't sa
y that any of the dishes have cilantro in them, but it seems like cilantro is used in most 
of the dishes and even the rice. It is just a subtle taste, but i know it's there. I'm a cilantro fan so it's heaven to me. Anyway, take my word for it! If you try this place and don't like one of the dishes i mentioned, we probably shouldn't be friends! No, i'm just kidding, but seriously i don't see how anyone could dislike the Chicken Tikka Masala. The only reason you might not like the Makhani
 is because it has cashews and i know some people don't like nuts.

One thing to keep in mind about Bombay House is that the meals are big. They are made to share if you have an order of "Naan bread." Two people can share one order of Naan and one dish. The food is a 
little pricy unless you share: $13.00 for a plate, plus $2-4.00 for the bread.

Try the Mango Lassi to drink! It's a creamy mango flavored yogurt drink that "raises the roof!" You might want to s
tay away from the Rose Milk, though if you like trying new things it is quite the experience. It really does taste like a rose blended with milk and sugar! The other drink i tried was the Indian Tea which is a special tea blended with milk and spices. It would be perfect on one of those bitter cold and wet winter nights... just add lots of sugar!

This place is the bomb! It is a must eat! Please post your experience if you've been here or remember to come back and leave your input after you go try it out. I'd love to hear what other plates everyone likes.

Click Here for the menu.

Click Here for more reviews and a brief history 

Click Here for locations

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Finally Made it to Flying Sumo in Park City

Mark said the best sushi place in Utah was the Flying Sumo, so i had to check it out... It was pretty good. I don't think i can say it was the best i ever had, but the rolls were pretty good, the fish was fresh and the atmosphere was cool.   I must have a thing for the Rainbow roll. That was my favorite of the three i was able to sample.  The other roll i really liked was the Chuck Norris. Something that made this particular time special was being there with most of my family. My brothers Spencer (11) and Jeff (16) tried sushi for the first time. Even though Jeff hates fish, he was a good sport and tried a little. Spencer seemed to love his California roll and was daring enough even to try my Rainbow roll... he loved that too! Sushi is just a wonderful thing! I didn't try sushi until i was in my early 20's!!! How is it that i missed out for so long? 

Monday, September 29, 2008

Why iDine Divine?

After much thought, i have decided to start a blog about all the delicious food i get to eat every week.  My job as a recruiter/sales manager in the alarm industry has me eating out quite a bit.  I find myself eating at new restaurants almost every week.  It keeps things interesting.  I really enjoy eating new foods and finding new restaurants... especially since the company usually reimburses my meals :) It's a perfect opportunity for me to blog about all the delicious meals i get to eat.  Hopefully, this will help me keep track of the dishes and restaurants that really know how to release my endorphins.  Along the way, i hope i can inspire some of you to branch out and try new things.  For those of you that have already discovered some delicious dishes and restaurants, i hope you'll share your recommendations with all of us! Food is such a wonderful thing! There are so many fantastic restaurants, delis, diners, parlors, and cafes all around us.  Why limit ourselves to eating at all the same places each time we go out?

I guess i should start this blog off by telling you about a delicious little sushi place i was introduced to over the weekend.  The name: Suehiro. The location: Midvale (click the link for more info including the address, phone number, and more reviews)

My friend Zach so graciously took me to this little "hole-in-the wall" sushi joint.  I say that with all due respect to the establishment.  It was one of the cleanest sushi restaurants i have been to.  The fish was the freshest I've had anywhere.  The service was good and the flavors were unforgettable.  Zach ordered us four rolls to share.  Two stood out: the Fire Crystal Roll and the Rainbow Roll.  I took a picture of the Fire Crystal Roll to get you sushi lovers salivating!!! It has tempura shrimp inside and spicy tuna on top. It has one of the most incredible flavors of any sushi roll I've ever had.  The second roll, the Rainbow, was more mild in flavor. It offsets the intense, slightly spicy Fire Crystal Roll.  Everything was just so fresh and so tasty! I'm glad to add Suehiro to the top of my favorite sushi restaurants list with Tsunami, Yapona, and Happy Sumo.


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