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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Sumo: Quality Sushi

You can always count on Happy Sumo to get it done!  I always enjoy eating sushi here.  As many of you already know, i'm always up for trying new things.  I try to order new dishes every time i go out. Sushi is great because since i usually order two rolls, i can get one of my favorites and then try a new roll as well.  Tonight, i had dinner with a buddy of mine and we started with an amazing appetizer followed by three delicious rolls.

For the appetizer, we had the Dragon Scales: spicy tuna delicately pressed between two Japanese shiso leaves then lightly tempura fried, served with green scallions, and ponzu, and eel sauce. Just a little dip in some soy sauce and cha ching! It's money!

Then we ordered two of our favorite rolls along with one new specialty roll.  Our waitress recommended we try the Sweet Pea Roll which was an excellent recommendation.  It wasn't like any special roll i've ever had before. It actually had honey on it and i really didn't know if i would like it.  Needless to say, it had a unique flavor, but it was awesome!  The Sweet Pea Roll is made with crab salad, cucumber & lime, topped with avocado, honey, togarashi and red jalapeno. I'm so glad i've learned to not be afraid of trying new foods! I've learned to love so many different flavors.  One in particular is sushi made with lemon and lime in it.  Lemon or lime and sushi is an incredibly delicious combination...

That leads me to my other favorite roll that has thin slices of lemon on top.  The Rising Sun Roll is a definite winner made with salmon, avocado, and cream cheese topped with spicy crab, green onions, lemon, and eel sauce.  I don't know how to describe it, but the contrast between the lemon and the spicy crab is absolutely mouthwatering.  If you haven't tried a roll like this, let this compel you to do so.

Last but definitely not least, we devoured the BSCR (Baked scallop california roll) which is a California roll topped with baked scallops, spicy Sumo sauce, tobiko and green onions.

Oooh man! I relished every bite tonight! It blows my mind how eating sushi can be so gratifying!  Anyway, if you haven't been to Happy Sumo in awhile, i think it's about time you go. If you need any suggestions, feel free to ask.  Even better, if you have any suggestions, please share them by commenting below.


mcmark said...


I just was thinking about food (one of 4 topics that my brain can handle), and I thought I hadn't checked out where you have eaten recently.

I have to say if you are in Salt Lake for lunch and you need some sushi, this little joint I Love Sushi is great. In my opinion it is tons better than Happy Sumo. It is right North of 4th South on the West side of State. It is special and the sushi chef is actually Japanese. They have a great selection of rolls that are half off for lunch (11am-1pm).

Also, I started posting a few things for this girl's site.


I used to work with her in Hawaii, now she lives in NYC and has this blog. I am in Hawaii for about 6 weeks a year, so I always send her pictures of what I eat, and sometimes she throws them up on her site.

(PS. I am not a 5 Guys fan. Burgers are too sloppy for me.)

mcmark said...

(ps) Our new office is in the Gateway, so it is a little bit of a hassle to got up to State for sushi when I can see Happy Sumo from my office window, but it is worth it.


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