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Monday, September 29, 2008

Why iDine Divine?

After much thought, i have decided to start a blog about all the delicious food i get to eat every week.  My job as a recruiter/sales manager in the alarm industry has me eating out quite a bit.  I find myself eating at new restaurants almost every week.  It keeps things interesting.  I really enjoy eating new foods and finding new restaurants... especially since the company usually reimburses my meals :) It's a perfect opportunity for me to blog about all the delicious meals i get to eat.  Hopefully, this will help me keep track of the dishes and restaurants that really know how to release my endorphins.  Along the way, i hope i can inspire some of you to branch out and try new things.  For those of you that have already discovered some delicious dishes and restaurants, i hope you'll share your recommendations with all of us! Food is such a wonderful thing! There are so many fantastic restaurants, delis, diners, parlors, and cafes all around us.  Why limit ourselves to eating at all the same places each time we go out?

I guess i should start this blog off by telling you about a delicious little sushi place i was introduced to over the weekend.  The name: Suehiro. The location: Midvale (click the link for more info including the address, phone number, and more reviews)

My friend Zach so graciously took me to this little "hole-in-the wall" sushi joint.  I say that with all due respect to the establishment.  It was one of the cleanest sushi restaurants i have been to.  The fish was the freshest I've had anywhere.  The service was good and the flavors were unforgettable.  Zach ordered us four rolls to share.  Two stood out: the Fire Crystal Roll and the Rainbow Roll.  I took a picture of the Fire Crystal Roll to get you sushi lovers salivating!!! It has tempura shrimp inside and spicy tuna on top. It has one of the most incredible flavors of any sushi roll I've ever had.  The second roll, the Rainbow, was more mild in flavor. It offsets the intense, slightly spicy Fire Crystal Roll.  Everything was just so fresh and so tasty! I'm glad to add Suehiro to the top of my favorite sushi restaurants list with Tsunami, Yapona, and Happy Sumo.


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