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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fish Tacos at Merry Piglets (Jackson Hole, WY)

Just got back from Merry Piglets! It's a bright, colorful establishment with great food! Free chips and an amazing fresh salsa... all you can eat! I had to leave the table to force myself to NOT get full on chips and salsa. The food takes a long time here, but if you have interesting friends to talk to then it's actually a positive. Everyone was friendly tonight and the service was great! Drinks were always full, as were the baskets of chips and dishes of salsa. I ordered the Fish Tacos (one of my favorites at any mexican restaurant). When I got my food, I remembered having ordered them on one of my previous visits. They were delicious. I really like their special cilantro mayo sauce they put on top and the flame-grilled mahi-mahi was fresh and grilled perfectly. It's the special sauce that makes them so delicious to me. That and the fact that the fish is grilled and not breaded.

Is it true the best fish tacos are found in Mexico in little hole-in-the-wall restaurants? Maybe so, but we're determined to find something a little closer to home! Maybe that will be our mission for the next however long it takes. All you fish taco lovers out there, we need your recommendations. Where are the best fish tacos in Utah? In fact, let's expand this to the whole world! You never know where we'll be next! If you know of a place with worthy fish tacos, you need to tell us about them. We'll be the judge.

Speaking of fish tacos, we found another blogger with the same idea. The blog is called Fish Taco Magazine. It looks like they have quite the experience in fish tacos or F.T.'s as some of their contributors would call them. Check em out!

Most importantly though: Let us know your vote for the best fish tacos in the world.

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