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Sunday, March 15, 2009

"All Other Smoothies Bow Down!"

Last week i went on a little trip to Charlotte, North Carolina with my co-manager, Ryan to find apartments for the summer.  While we were out there, Ryan introduced me to Smoothie King!  It's not just a smoothie store, but a vitamin/supplement shop as well.  The story behind Smoothie King is kinda cool.  Steve Kuhnau is the founder who created the original nutritional smoothie.  It all began in the late 1960's when Steve began experimenting with mixing fruit, protein, and nutrients together in a blender at home to remedy his allergies and low blood pressure. 1973 was when he opened his first shop.

I had never heard of Smoothie King before, but was hooked after my first experience.  I only tried one flavor, the Caribbean Way with some added vanilla protein.  I've gotten it the last three visits to the Smoothie King, so that tells you how much i like it.  But there are endless combinations and flavors to choose from.  Here is a link to the menu: Smoothie King Menu

We are lucky to have 3 locations here in Utah.  Lehi is the closest one to me.  There is also one in Ogden and Logan!  Find the closest Smoothie King to you: Smoothie King Locations

Anyway, i'm thinking Smoothie King might have just moved into first place on my list of top smoothie joints!!!  All other smoothies bow down!

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