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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Finally Made it to Flying Sumo in Park City

Mark said the best sushi place in Utah was the Flying Sumo, so i had to check it out... It was pretty good. I don't think i can say it was the best i ever had, but the rolls were pretty good, the fish was fresh and the atmosphere was cool.   I must have a thing for the Rainbow roll. That was my favorite of the three i was able to sample.  The other roll i really liked was the Chuck Norris. Something that made this particular time special was being there with most of my family. My brothers Spencer (11) and Jeff (16) tried sushi for the first time. Even though Jeff hates fish, he was a good sport and tried a little. Spencer seemed to love his California roll and was daring enough even to try my Rainbow roll... he loved that too! Sushi is just a wonderful thing! I didn't try sushi until i was in my early 20's!!! How is it that i missed out for so long? 


Marcus Lane said...

Love the sushi here. the best in PC!!

Taylor said...

There is a new sushi place that just opened right of the freeway in Park City. If anyone has been there, let me know how it is and what its called.

Jocee Bergeson said...

When we lived in Park City my husband Brick went to Flying Sumo all the time. One thing I don't miss about PC? The expensive lunch bills. :) Just kidding. Anyway, he said it is way good! Keep the restaurant ideas coming!


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